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What are you?

I recently listened to a radio segment describing one aspect of the money rat race that we don’t always consider. The line went something like this:

“You spend the first half of your life chasing financial goals and pushing to make as much money as possible, you spend the second half of your life spending that money to get back your youth”


What a god damn conundrum that is.


It’s the model that’s set out for what I like to call the average commoditized citizen.


What do I mean by commoditized citizen?


You walk into a room, you are asked a simple question. What do you do? Roughly translated to “What is the value that you add to society” “How much are you worth” “What are you contributing to the rat race game?”


From here most proceed to give a canned answer, “I’m a lawyer, I’m a CPA, I’m a vet, I’m a roofer”


IT’s innocent and an expected part of society. We have commoditized ourselves to this one role in the game.

There’s nothing wrong with this but it raises an interesting thought when we consider how I started this post….do we really want to spend our money earning days being a commodity to the system?


I say fuck no.


I say you have an option..leverage the system or be leveraged.

To Leverage or to be leveraged

This is where values and beliefs come in…personally, I found a mentor that had similar values and beliefs. I leveraged the 20 years of knowledge he had. Put together the blueprint I leveraged from his experience and found a way to not commoditize myself, rather commoditize my knowledge to produce the desired result faster, without spending my time serving as lawyer, CPA, VET or roofer…we all have a choice, what will you choose.

Action steps:


Define your values & beliefs


Find A Mentor that has been successful in business that holds those same values and beliefs.

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