Fighting Entrepreneur Anik Singal Publish Academy Luanch Review By Youssef Habbad

It is time to reveal the reality of Publish Academy review and bonus and what is the difference between it and the earlier product of anik singal. publish academy package is divided into 7 Modules.

Part 1: Market Research 

This an 8-week  web training that teaches members every tiny thing about the process of creating product . I guess you know the amazing-selling-process or the main idea of this system from the free video series . The idea again is to create private label products provided by wholesale suppliers. This means you  need to create products, handle them or anything as this is all done by Amazon FBA. All you need to do is to pick the correct products, reach the Amazon buy box for the selected keywords and generate more traffic.

You will learn how to do each step of the above in details. You don’t have to guess as the entire course is a blueprint or step-by-step action plan that starts from day 1 of the course (which happens to be March 21st) and ends in the last day of 8th week. You can start with a small budget and scale everything up as you go. This person is suitable for both US and Non-US residents even those in the affiliate restricted states.

All the training materials will also be recorded and added to the members area in the form of short 10 minutes videos with PDFs and training guides.
Part 2: Product creation

This is a package of 7 software tools that automate certain tasks to help you manage and scale your business. These are the same tools used by Matt and Jason themselves to help get top rankings, help with the automation of communicating with buyers, track product listing rankings within Amazon and much more.

Members will get access to all these 7 tools for at least 2 years. After that, there might be a small maintenance fees. Also, you need to know that these tools are web-based, so no need to download and install anything to your computer and so you can reach them from any place.
Part 3: Sales Funnel

This is a live event in Austin, Texas that will be held next May for 3 days. In this live coaching, Matt and the coaches will take the hands of participants to find powerful opportunities and do some strong business. Members who won’t be able to attend the live event in Austin will be able to watch live streaming of these sessions as will as later recordings.
Part 4: Exclusive Community Classroom:

This is an elite community of people like you. People who are serious about their business. Matt and Jason will be available as well in this community to share the knowledge and opportunities with members. Members of the Amazing Selling Machine community also will share ideas with one another. There will be some motivation strategies as well.

12 years ago, I took the plunge and committed to making a full time living online. Since then, I have built a company that generates well over $10 million a year.  This exact system has helped me get published in BusinessWeek and in Inc. 500.   
I have traveled the world and worked with over 250,000 students, helping turn them into Digital Entrepreneurs.  
In this one of a kind program, our entire team of experts will hold the hand of every student and guide them, step by step as they build their very own digital product. We really pull the curtain back in his Publish Academy program and show our students everything they need to know to publish their very own first successful digital product!   

The Birth of publishing digital business

What is a digital publishing business? How does one become a digital product owner?   
These are some of the questions our members ask us…  
We want to share the passion we have for our digital business with others - and that is why Publish Academy is going to be all about digital product creation.  
Who is this product for? We like to think Publish Academy is a great fit for most people out there and here is why...  
Every single one of us has a story to tell and valuable information to share!   
Throughout Publish Academy we will show our members how they can take their knowledge and share it with the world!

Don’t Be Afraid to Improve Yourself

At the start of this year I made a decision to listen to and complete Tony Robbins’ Personal Power 2 Program. I did it, and it was an overwhelmingly positive experience that has made a huge impact on my life. The only thing that bothers me is that I waited so long to do it.

I’ve known about Tony Robbins for years and have always been interested in digging deeper into his work. I remember watching a YouTube clip of him in university that really inspired me and had me wanting to learn more. However, I distinctly remember mentioning this to a roommate and getting a response along the lines of “he’s full of shit, that stuff’s all silly garbage”.

I’m even moving beyond the online resources and attending the Happiness and Inner Peace Workshop at New Edinburgh Park in Ottawa on August 7th. And you know what? I’m taking a limo. Because ever since I started focusing on improving myself, I’ve had a lot of extra income, and at Tony’s direction, I’ve been living with passion! Fuck what a hater thinks about it.

I disagreed with him. I didn’t believe that at all. But for whatever reason that comment seemed to be enough to stop me from digging deeper into Tony Robbins’ work. That was over 5 years ago and I just revisited Tony recently. But, why? Why would one person’s off-the-cuff remark stop me from going on a potentially life-changing journey?

Whether I like to admit it or not, I guess I cared what he thought. He was a close friend and I took in what he had to day. But, it’s not like this was a thought-out comment from personal experience about handling a girlfriend issue – this was just a passing blanket statement from a pessimistic person who had no real expertise on the matter.

Nowadays, there are so many paid and FREE resources available to people to improve themselves in just about every way imaginable. Yet, the majority of people don’t even try. I think one of the reasons for this is that people are afraid to look weak or admit they could use help. In many circles, self-help is seen as silly and corny.

There’s also the crabs-in-a-bucket mentality that many people have that will bring you down. People don’t want you to improve yourself because it makes them look or feel worse. I’ve experienced this many times when I took on a new workout program. A friend who doesn’t want to work out will criticize it as a waste-of-time and then order a hot-dog-stuffed pizza.

The thing is this is human nature. And it’s also human nature for you to care about what other people think. But, when it comes to self-improvement, you need to trust and listen to yourself. You know what areas of your like you’re lacking in. You know what you’d like to improve. So screw any weird feelings you have about what others might think and go for it!

Once you’re ready to improve yourself, there are no excuses. Resources are virtually unlimited. Podcasts, articles, seminar, videos, whatever – it’s out there. I’ll recommend the previously mentioned Tony Robbins Personal Power 2 because I consumed it recently, but I’m now always consuming some sort of self-help material and aiming to improve myself every day.


Improve Your Daily Routine By Stretching

Improve your life, take time to Stretch!

Morning stretch

In the morning: After laying still for 8ish hours, your body is not immediately ready to tackle the day.  This doesn’t need to be a huge task, a few simple minutes will do just fine. Performing stretches first thing will encourage improved posture throughout the day when you inevitably end up sitting in front of a computer.

Work stretch


At Work: No excuses! Unleash the power of the mid-day stretch routine. Many of us are stuck in a stationary physical position throughout most of the day. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours has become the norm and it is aking a toll on our bodies. Stetching in the morning will help loosen your muscles BUT it is a great idea to schedule walking and stretch break throughout the day. No one knows this better than those who drive for a living. My friend over at a limo service explained to me its all about making the right choices. Take his job as a limo driver for example, he spend hours driving clients from location to location stuck in the drivers chair, but has some downtime in between. The average driver will usually sit in the vehicle, maybe read or listen to a podcast. My friend makes a point of getting out of his vehicle and doing a series of stretches to loosen up his hip flexors.

A simple google search for how to stretch your hip flexors will get you started. Consider sitting in the same position all day like putting a cast of your body. If you limit your body to the little amount of movement and function throughout your day it will atrophy and manifest into all sorts of problems down the line. If someone who is stuck in a car all day can find time to make it happen, you can too!

night time stretch

Before Bed:

The daily wind down has become more of a challenge then ever in 2015. The amount of information we consume daily is staggering and it is constantly tempting us via our smartphones. Begin you nightly wind down by reducing the brightness on any screen you are using if you absolutely need to be plugged in.

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Advice from a Dentist: Rest Is The #1 Overlooked Ingredient for Entrepreneurial Success

Today I decided to blog about my favourite but most difficult to obtain ingredient for entrepreneurial success. REST!

Working to hard not enough rest

I try to keep a close eye on me health but am often distracted by the wholly grail of business: Money! If times are down I work inefficiently around the clock to try to “fix” the problem. I times are good I constantly check in and am overwhelmed by the success. In some cases I avoid outsourcing to feel more secure about my business. These thoughts happened to spill out at my last dentist appointment over in Edmonton.

Dentists have to have a bit on an entrepreneurial mindset themselves. They place a huge investment in their schooling and spend years and years before they get the big payoff. There is a lot of work to be done but how do you survive? This topic came up with my dentist when I went in to get an Invisalign treatment done. Something I too had procrastinated on. He asked me how things were going and noticed I was showing signs of stress aka grinding my teeth. I explained my scattered work pace where Ide go a day or two without work then end up spending 72 hours straight working.

He proceed to explain, the only way he survived getting through med school and reaching his goals was having a daily schedule that included elements that led to better rest. The big ones: scheduling social time and a specific wind down routine that would break him away form sitting on his computer till 4 am. (something I am absolutely guilty of.

First, scheduling social time. Too often student and entrepreneurs isolate themselves. Not only is success not found in a vacuum, but isolation can lead to all sorts of health problems. This dentist suggested having at least 3 scheduled monthly activities that are with completely different social groups that DO NOT INVOLVE DRINKING 😉 His were band practice twice a month, pool league and a round of golf with his University buddies.

Second: The Wind Down Routine. Personally this one changed my daily schedule. Previously, I would attempt to not be distracted by work and constantly check my emails on my phone right up to the moment I fell asleep. The signs were showing in my face and overall health. Something had to change. The dentist recommended the following. No screens for at least 2 hours before bed. For many this is extremely difficult as our cultures entertainment now revolves around screens. Instead, he suggested (perhaps an extreme sounding routine) 1 full hour of yoga or stretching, a small snack and a book to release your mind and get a full deep sleep. Here’s a video i’ve been using nightly.

Rest is often overlooked and not nearly as valued as it should be in western culture

A simple google search for tips to be a good entrepreneur will lead you to believe the following:

You are someone that is doing a job you really love and enjoy every second of the experience. Many will in fact tell you the key to success is following your passion…is this really the case. Perhaps another blog post will be needed here.

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What are you?

I recently listened to a radio segment describing one aspect of the money rat race that we don’t always consider. The line went something like this:

“You spend the first half of your life chasing financial goals and pushing to make as much money as possible, you spend the second half of your life spending that money to get back your youth”


What a god damn conundrum that is.


It’s the model that’s set out for what I like to call the average commoditized citizen.


What do I mean by commoditized citizen?


You walk into a room, you are asked a simple question. What do you do? Roughly translated to “What is the value that you add to society” “How much are you worth” “What are you contributing to the rat race game?”


From here most proceed to give a canned answer, “I’m a lawyer, I’m a CPA, I’m a vet, I’m a roofer”


IT’s innocent and an expected part of society. We have commoditized ourselves to this one role in the game.

There’s nothing wrong with this but it raises an interesting thought when we consider how I started this post….do we really want to spend our money earning days being a commodity to the system?


I say fuck no.


I say you have an option..leverage the system or be leveraged.

To Leverage or to be leveraged

This is where values and beliefs come in…personally, I found a mentor that had similar values and beliefs. I leveraged the 20 years of knowledge he had. Put together the blueprint I leveraged from his experience and found a way to not commoditize myself, rather commoditize my knowledge to produce the desired result faster, without spending my time serving as lawyer, CPA, VET or roofer…we all have a choice, what will you choose.

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Why Do Humans Do What Humans Do?

It’s pretty simple when you think about it. What really makes us do anything. We are either appoarching something or avoiding something. In psychological study they breakdown this behavior even further to the following behaviours:







In simpler terms: humans either pursue pleasure or avoid pain. Let’s go through an example and imagine which situation would cause you to take action.



Imagine you are a 350lb overweight unhealthy person that has never decided to take action and get your health in order. You’ve spent your life indulging watching every new hbo series that comes out and find it difficult to ismply drive past the local fast food options.


One day, you go for your annual checkup. You are expecting the usual, yu’re very unhealthy, if you continue this way you will do serious damage to your body. Except there is one thing different this time. You are told firmly and convincingly by your doctor that if you don’t lose 80lbs you’re like to lose you ability walk as your spine is showing sign of buldging discs and some other terrible sign of trouble form carrying the weight.


You take fast action, join a gym, get your diet in order and drop the 80lbs. You had 10 years of appointment hearing how your life would be better if you lost the weight, you would have more pleasure, you would feel better, BUT YOU NEVER TO ACTION.


Why is this?


Why wouldn’t you take action, lose the weight and enjoy a healthier life.


This is because our figurative overweight man had a greater drive to avoid the future pain of losing his ability to talk and spinal pain over his drive to approach a more pleasureable life as a man at a healthy weight.


Great, so what does this mean?


Fine and dandy you say? I’m not overweight you say. Well look at it another way…


Imagine you could foresee the pain and use that to drive you to act daily consistently toward your goals. We, as humans are cursed and blessed by freedom of choice. The most successful look far ahead into the future, see the pain points, and take action before they become real.

Drive and Passion

Let’s say our figurative overweight man had purchased 10 training and dieting programs over the years…he spent the time and money on obtaining everything he needed but then he just never followed through…why?


The results were wanted.

Why wouldn’t he follow through?




Our guy saw the PAIN of working out and sticking to a diet to be greater than the pleasure of being in shape and having a healthy body. Think about how this could apply to your life?


Do you have a shitty job?


You’ve been planning to leave and find something new for a long time. But why haven’t you done it?


Because you believe the pain of going out and applying for a new job will be so great that you avoid it indefinitely despite the pleasure it will allow you in freeing you from your current position in life.

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