Fighting Entrepreneur Anik Singal Publish Academy Luanch Review By Youssef Habbad

It is time to reveal the reality of Publish Academy review and bonus and what is the difference between it and the earlier product of anik singal. publish academy package is divided into 7 Modules.

Part 1: Market Research 

This an 8-week  web training that teaches members every tiny thing about the process of creating product . I guess you know the amazing-selling-process or the main idea of this system from the free video series . The idea again is to create private label products provided by wholesale suppliers. This means you  need to create products, handle them or anything as this is all done by Amazon FBA. All you need to do is to pick the correct products, reach the Amazon buy box for the selected keywords and generate more traffic.

You will learn how to do each step of the above in details. You don’t have to guess as the entire course is a blueprint or step-by-step action plan that starts from day 1 of the course (which happens to be March 21st) and ends in the last day of 8th week. You can start with a small budget and scale everything up as you go. This person is suitable for both US and Non-US residents even those in the affiliate restricted states.

All the training materials will also be recorded and added to the members area in the form of short 10 minutes videos with PDFs and training guides.
Part 2: Product creation

This is a package of 7 software tools that automate certain tasks to help you manage and scale your business. These are the same tools used by Matt and Jason themselves to help get top rankings, help with the automation of communicating with buyers, track product listing rankings within Amazon and much more.

Members will get access to all these 7 tools for at least 2 years. After that, there might be a small maintenance fees. Also, you need to know that these tools are web-based, so no need to download and install anything to your computer and so you can reach them from any place.
Part 3: Sales Funnel

This is a live event in Austin, Texas that will be held next May for 3 days. In this live coaching, Matt and the coaches will take the hands of participants to find powerful opportunities and do some strong business. Members who won’t be able to attend the live event in Austin will be able to watch live streaming of these sessions as will as later recordings.
Part 4: Exclusive Community Classroom:

This is an elite community of people like you. People who are serious about their business. Matt and Jason will be available as well in this community to share the knowledge and opportunities with members. Members of the Amazing Selling Machine community also will share ideas with one another. There will be some motivation strategies as well.

12 years ago, I took the plunge and committed to making a full time living online. Since then, I have built a company that generates well over $10 million a year.  This exact system has helped me get published in BusinessWeek and in Inc. 500.   
I have traveled the world and worked with over 250,000 students, helping turn them into Digital Entrepreneurs.  
In this one of a kind program, our entire team of experts will hold the hand of every student and guide them, step by step as they build their very own digital product. We really pull the curtain back in his Publish Academy program and show our students everything they need to know to publish their very own first successful digital product!   

The Birth of publishing digital business

What is a digital publishing business? How does one become a digital product owner?   
These are some of the questions our members ask us…  
We want to share the passion we have for our digital business with others - and that is why Publish Academy is going to be all about digital product creation.  
Who is this product for? We like to think Publish Academy is a great fit for most people out there and here is why...  
Every single one of us has a story to tell and valuable information to share!   
Throughout Publish Academy we will show our members how they can take their knowledge and share it with the world!